about Peropero

Stella Maxwell's inspiration for Peropero came from being a mama to a chihuahua terrier named Trip, coupled with her experience as a model and spokesperson for major fashion brands.

She recognized there was a need for a well-thought-out and well-designed pet line, for the owner seeking elevated and aesthetically-pleasing products.

Stella and her friend Charlotte Lawrence began collaborating and Peropero was born.

the vision

Peropero is a series of grooming products and collaborations designed with both functionality, well-being, and aesthetics in mind.

"If I had to define Peropero, I would say it's a more sophisticated and thought-out approach to dog products for people who really care about their pets.

I consider Trip to be a family member, and I would do anything for him.  I think all of my friends would do anything for their little angels.

We have spent a few years now learning about dog products and testing out our ideas, and I am so excited to bring to you Peropero."

- Stella Maxwell

the story

"I would go out shopping and think to myself, let me get something nice to take home for my baby boy Trip, something that looked beautiful and was at the same time good for him.

I honestly could not find anything I really related to, so I decided to come up with some products that I personally would like.

I called up my dear friends, who were fellow parents of pooches and lovers of dogs. We brainstormed on products that we would love to have, and what we came up with is Peropero."

- Stella Maxwell


upcoming products

We have just run a small batch of Revitalizing Doggy Dry Shampoo for our friends and family, and we are so excited to bring this to you soon.

We can't wait for our friends to share their experience with the dry shampoo.

We also have a beautiful Silky Coat Shampoo/Conditioner on the way, which we will start taking pre-orders for soon, and one more surprise product that is a secret for now...