hello Peropero

Peropero is a series of pet grooming products and collaborations designed with both functionality, well-being, and aesthetics in mind.

who we are

Peropero is for the dog owner who truly cares. We love our little angels. They are our family, and there is nothing we would not do for them.

We are approaching dog products not just for functionality but with an overall experience in mind. Why hide your pet products in a drawer or cupboard? Leave them out and let them add to the aesthetics of your home.

only fur you...

On-the-go grooming for your best friend. Easy to use, individually-wrapped pet wipes designed to keep paws and coat clean.

  • individually packaged coat and paw wipes

    Easy-to-use wipes to help promote a healthy personal environment for you and your best friend. Say good-bye to the brick of wipes in your bag!

  • fragrance custom-designed by Stella Maxwell

    Opening with the slightest hint of spearmint, pear, citrus and apple for lift and radiance, this scent is truly about its warm, woody base. 

    The rich amber in its foundation captures the playful spirit and joy that our furry companions  bring into our lives.

  • made at home in California

    We love our local neighbors.

    Our pet wipes and boxes are manufactured with love in our beautiful home state of California.

from Peropero, with love

"All I know for sure is that pets are the most important beings to billions of people. They're our little saviors."

- Anthony Kiedis

Peropero donates a percentage of profits to local Los Angeles animal shelters