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Made in California

Stella Maxwell (left), holding her Chihuahua-terrier, Trip, and Barbara Palvin (right), holding her dog, Piggy


by Stella Maxwell


by Stella Maxwell

only fur you...

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The image features Stella Maxwell, supermodel and founder of PeroPero, holding her Chihuahua-Terrier mix dog, Trip. Stella smiles warmly at the camera, dressed casually, with Trip cradled in her arms, looking relaxed. The PeroPero logo is present, reinforcing the brand's identity.
  • Veterinary Approved

  • Natural Ingredients

  • Recyclable & Compostable

  • Made in the US

Essentials Subscription

Experience luxury pet care with our Essentials line. Our fragrant wipes and premium oopsie bags ensure hygiene and cleanliness for your pooches. Available through subscription, these essentials keep your pets fresh and pampered

  • individually packaged coat and paw wipes

    Easy-to-use wipes to help promote a healthy personal environment for you and your best friend. Say good-bye to the brick of wipes in your bag!

  • green & clean

    Ingredients: Aloe Leaf, Cucumber Fruit, Chamomile Flower, Marshmallow Root, Oats, Jojoba Seed Oil, Manuka Honey

    Material: Made of 100% Lyocell - 100% biodegradable

    Packaging: Zero plastic - 100% recyclable

  • fragrance custom-designed by Stella Maxwell

    Opening with the slightest hint of spearmint, pear, citrus and apple for lift and radiance, this scent is truly about its warm, woody base.  The rich amber in its foundation captures the playful spirit and joy that our furry companions  bring into our lives.

  • made at home in California

    We love our local neighbors. Our pet wipes and boxes are manufactured with love in our beautiful home state of California.

Feedback from Our Furry Friends' Owners

  • We love the wipes! They smell amazing, and my dog loves them too. These are great for her skin, leaving her coat super soft. They're perfect for quickly wiping her paws!

    Veronika & Pritney Los Angeles, CA
  • Love it! We use these daily for paw, face, or full-body wipe-downs. They are gentle on fur and skin with no irritation. The scent is wonderful, and ingredients like Manuka Honey are so GOOOD!

    Edith & Georgia Los Angeles, CA

Stella Maxwell

About PeroPero
Stella Maxwell kisses her chihuahua-terrier, Trip, sharing a tender moment. The close-up captures the bond between Stella and her beloved dog, Trip, emphasizing the affection and love they share.